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U.S. Utilities and Power

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Evaluate opportunities and risks in U.S. energy transition with essential intelligence.

With an increasing pressure to meet net-zero emissions by 2050, how would U.S. energy companies shift their strategy to embrace energy transition and benefit from President Biden's $2 trillion infrastruture plan?

Our S&P Capital IQ Pro provides essential power sector data, analysis and tools to identify and evaluate opportunities and risks in energy transition:

  • Screen for power companies or power plants by filtering through market and asset-level data to identify investment targets.

  • Use our alerts to track issued RFP/IRPs and screen for power plants and projects that match the RFP criteria by locations, ownership and PPA details.

  • Access our Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR) from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to assess detailed contract and transaction data. 

  • Gain an overview of U.S. power market dynamics by comparing operational and planned renewable plants, their development status and capacity in the pipeline.

  • Understand the future of U.S. power markets and conduct valuations of fossil fuel, natural gas and renewable power plants effectively with our 20-year forward-looking electricity price forecasts and analyst insights.

  • Leverage our Renewable Energy Credit Forecast to improve power plant asset valuation, by allowing for identification of potential of REC revenue.

  • Access nodal pricing information of 35,000 locations to quantify historical energy revenue and understand the potential value of projects.

  • Visualize power plants on our interactive mapping to gain more context on the surrounding infrastructure and identify potential market trends for investment decisions.

  • Benchmark performance of U.S. utility and power companies with plant operations metrics and over 5,000 individual financial data items.

  • Review our consensus estimates and commodity estimates to understand the projected performance of energy companies and commodity prices.

  • Stay ahead of the latest developments with data-driven energy news, research and regulatory updates.

Source: S&P Global Markett Intelligence. Image for illustration purpose only.

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