Community Bankers Conference Webinars


In response to the recent COVID-19 situation in the U.S., we cancelled the 9th Annual Community Bankers Conference, April 14-16 in Dallas. Instead, we are hosting select panels from the Conference via webinar. Please join us for timely content to help you navigate this challenging time.

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Panel Descriptions
Title: Best Practices for your Balance Sheet

Duration: 1 Hour

Available On-Demand

  • Rethinking asset/liability management and balance sheet composition in light of lower interest rates
  • Maintaining adequate liquidity as customers pull on credit lines
  • Structuring a safe and profitable balance sheet in a holistic manner
  • Hedging strategies you should consider today
  • How to protect your balance sheet for the next credit cycle
  • Minimizing margin compression

Title:Optimizing Pricing and Risk in Your Loan Portfolio

Duration: 1 Hour

Available On-Demand

  • Monitoring risk in your loan portfolio as the efforts to contain COVID-19 cause business disruption and slower economic growth
  • Hedging in your loan portfolio
  • Stress-testing your loan portfolio
  • Adjusting loan pricing to reflect new risks, working with borrowers, modifying loans to reduce the fallout
  • How fiscal stimulus can help banks serve their customers

Title: Views from the Trenches: Investors’ Views of the Industry Today and Outlook for Tomorrow

Duration: 45 minutes

Available On-Demand

  • Assessing current valuations in the industry and how this should inform banks' strategic plans
  • How will the turmoil in the markets impact capital raising, M&A activity?
  • Driving value in the near term and preparing for the next credit cycle
  • What can banks do to respond to the recent disruption in the markets?
  • Looking through the crystal ball: What does the future hold?

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