Beyond COVID-19: Enterprise Cyber Security May Never Be the Same


Title: Beyond COVID-19: Enterprise Cyber Security May Never Be the Same

Duration: 45 minutes

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The work-from-home explosion precipitated by an unprecedented global pandemic has brought sudden and immediate changes to the nature of enterprise IT – and with it, enterprise cyber security. Organizations built around the traditional model of workers in office buildings supported by on-premises networks are now faced with a radically different challenge: securing workers on home networks and the public Internet, often seeking to access a host of third party services directly.

What does this mean for cyber security strategy, when direct connections between users and services cut the enterprise out of visibility and control? How can organizations have confidence that these remote endpoints don’t pose new threats? How permanent can we expect these changes to be? And what does it mean for the cyber security vendors who must adapt to this new reality to be viable – through this crisis, and beyond?

On this webcast, 451 Research will explore recent findings – including a flash survey of enterprises conducted within the last few weeks – and the impact of these dynamics to explore:
  • The new security challenges already facing enterprises and their technology providers.
  • What the changing nature of remote access means for businesses as well as for the market of technology vendors – and the options available for regaining visibility and control.
  • Implications for the business of cyber security – and the realities facing corporate development as vendors struggle to get a handle on this new world.
  • How these factors could bring lasting change to the nature of enterprise security architectures, and to the technology market beyond the COVID-19 crisis.
Join 451 Research Vice Presidents Scott Crawford, covering information security technology, and Brenon Daly, covering the financial aspects of the cyber security vendor market, for this provocative analysis of the landscape that may emerge from this global crisis.

Scott Crawford
Research Vice President
Security at 451 Research
Brenon Daly
Research Vice President
Financials at 451 Research
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