A World Rebalancing: Key Risks in 2023


Title: A World Rebalancing: Key Risks in 2023

Duration: 1 Hour

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Next year is likely to be another year out of equilibrium. Accumulating shocks from the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the Russia–Ukraine conflict are proving pervasive and persistent and are profoundly reorganizing global structures and relationships. We see five key risk areas to watch for 2023: economic dissonance, reshuffling labor markets, supply chain stabilization, energy security and the energy transition ahead, and the global security environment. These tests are interconnected and have vast commercial impacts from trade protectionism to financial market volatility to civil unrest risk.

Join the webinar to:

  • Get a comprehensive analysis of the global economic, industry, and country risk prospects in the year ahead
  • Get timely insights for charting your organization’s course in 2023

Lindsay Newman (Moderator)
Head of Geopolitical Thought Leadership, Economics & Country Risk
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Natznet Tesfay
Head of Insights and Analysis, Economics & Country Risk
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Kenneth Wattret
Chief European Economist
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Emily Crowley
Associate Director, Pricing & Purchasing
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Peter Tirschwell
Vice President, Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain
S&P Global Market Intelligence
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