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Impact of COVID-19

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As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, it is causing economic and health impacts that are unprecedented in modern times. Despite the uncertainty and disruption, it’s clear that information technology will play a key role in helping leaders navigate a path forward for their organizations. The analyst team at 451 Research is paying particular attention to these impacts, both on the technology market itself, as well as on the broader economy. This microsite will be continually updated with a selection of our research, insight, and data that are free to consume, helping organizations globally plan a way through this unique challenge. Learn more about what 451 Research covers.

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Coronavirus Flash Survey June 2020

Combining 451 Research’s industry-leading analysis with a proprietary global panel of IT decision-makers, this Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse survey on the global COVID-19 outbreak tracks the disruption occurring in the market and exposes the major impacts and opportunities for enterprises, IT vendors, suppliers, and investors. View the press release here

Market Insights

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M&A Insights

Earlier this week, the S&P 500 Index reclaimed the ground it lost as life got locked last spring because of COVID-19. The head-spinning rebound in the equity market came faster than virtually anyone thought it would, and has brought with it the bizarre new reality of higher prices for lower performance.

If the economic shutdown in March due to the coronavirus pandemic was universally abrupt, the fledgling reopening in May is proving messily uneven. Certain businesses are open again, while others remain shuttered. But in the tech M&A market, there’s not even the slightest recovery: Nobody is buying much of anything.

The Risk to Tech’s Innovation Economy

As economies haltingly start to open back up after the abrupt coronavirus-related shutdown, uncertainty still lingers heavily. That is forcing a shift in strategy at tech companies, which are now in the unusual position of deemphasizing growth. Moving fast and breaking things doesn’t work in a world that’s already broken.

Medical distancing: Healthcare IoT gets a boost from Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare tech vendors are driving an increase in healthcare IoT deals as they seek to address growing provider demand for remote patient monitoring technology. The spread of coronavirus only underscores the rationale behind acquisitions in this emerging market.

Not all businesses have reopened their doors, but Wall Street is certainly humming again. Investors have bid up stocks to nearly their pre-pandemic levels and have shown themselves ready to load up on some of the riskier paper out there, IPOs. They gave a warm welcome to ZoomInfo, the first new listing by an enterprise tech vendor this year.

Even as some of the broader business restrictions from March start to get lifted, the tech M&A market remains in lockdown. Yet at least a few trends for post-coronavirus acquisitions have emerged, offering a glimpse of what the market may look like as it ‘normalizes.’ One tech giant is already embodying them: Microsoft.

The Recovery that Wasn’t

For tech giants on Wall Street, it’s almost as if the worst global pandemic in modern history never happened. Despite trillions of dollars in lost economic activity and tens of millions of lost jobs because of COVID-19, shares of most tech companies are currently trading where they were before the outbreak. It’s a recovery that appears unfounded.

Buyout barons hit hard by Coronavirus

All tech acquirers are feeling the hit from the coronavirus pandemic. But financial buyers are proving to be the more at-risk population during the current crisis. Disruption in the financing market has limited their ability to shop, knocking the number of PE deals to a multiyear low and significantly cutting their share of the overall tech M&A market.


Additional Insights

Coronavirus Flash Survey March 2020

451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse survey on the global COVID-19 outbreak tracks the disruption occurring in the market and exposes the major impacts and opportunities for enterprises, IT vendors, suppliers, and investors.

The State of the Internet Amid COVID-19


In this episode of the MediaTalk Podcast, analysts from Kagan Research and 451 Research talk about how higher streaming media consumption and increase use of collaboration applications have impacted network infrastructure.

2020 TMT Ecosystem: Effects of COVID-19

2020 tmt ecosystem infographic

Technology, Media & Telecommunications is in constant flux. See how S&P Global Market Intelligence and 451 Research are investigating the COVID-19 pandemic by downloading our complimentary infographic.


Tech Deals in the Downturn: M&A and Shifting Growth Strategies

Technology and digital solutions continue to help companies address regular and pandemic-related challenges. Prior to COVID-19, emerging tech such as machine learning and artificial intelligence accounted for the most tech M&A activity. As companies re-strategize for 2020 and beyond, will that trend decline, continue, or increase? Will these technologies become “insurance” in anticipation of future global disruptions?


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Beyond COVID-19: Enterprise Cyber Security May Never Be the Same

What does this mean for cyber security strategy, when direct connections between users and services cut the enterprise out of visibility and control? How can organizations have confidence that these remote endpoints don’t pose new threats? How permanent can we expect these changes to be? And what does it mean for the cyber security vendors who must adapt to this new reality to be viable – through this crisis, and beyond?


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Coronavirus: The Global Impact

The coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread uncertainty across global markets, as countries and regions battle to contain the spread of the pandemic. Bringing together the breadth of S&P Global’s news and research teams, this webinar will provide insights on the impacts of COVID-19 on the global economy and on specific industries.


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Remote Work Tech Challenges:
A Marathon, Not a Sprint

How will companies support prolonged remote working at scale and can they get it right? Business leaders will need to rethink and address five key challenges. 


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