2022 Trends in Cloud & Managed Services Transformation

By 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Hybrid cloud plans are common, but multicloud is taking its place as the de facto target IT architecture and
business model alongside cloud native as the default approach for application and service development. In a multicloud world, managing complexity is an ongoing struggle, but the hyperscalers, infrastructure vendors, managed and professional service providers and other industry players are stepping in with solutions that tame the complexity.

The flexibility and agility benefits of cloud are well known, and organizations are beginning to expect more: integration and orchestration, choice and control, tailored solutions, as well as prescriptive application modernization approaches that simplify the process of IT transformation and mitigate enterprise challenges related to skills gaps, supply chain issues and data privacy/governance considerations.

Continuous innovation in areas such as cloud control planes and multicloud management, opex-oriented ‘as a service’ private cloud infrastructure solutions and microservices architectures will help unify enterprise IT estates while also enabling workloads to run in public, private or edge cloud best execution venues.

Discover how the hybrid IT journey will continue to shape the IT infrastructure and system design in 2022 and beyond.

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