Get a multi-dimensional view of your credit risk exposure.

In today's complex markets the credit health of your counterparties and investments evolves constantly. Streamline your analysis with our suite of cutting-edge analytical models, detailed business credit reports, and probability of default (PD) and credit scores that leverage a wealth of financial, market, and macroeconomic data, combined with historic trade payable data, industry risks, risk appetite, and rich insightful commentary. 

Uncover hidden credit risk exposure with S&P Global RiskGauge Model and Reports that combine outputs of multiple models into a succinct credit risk score, further enhanced with detailed analysis, robust private company data, company firmographics, and relative performance benchmarks for over 50 million companies worldwide.

Easily assess the potential default of your counterparties and investments with PD and credit scores for over 5 million public and private companies globally. Our innovative approach separates credit risk into two components; financial and business risk, and can be supplemented with your own proprietary data for effective credit risk management.

Efficiently calculate the creditworthiness of unrated companies with our suite of market- and fundamentals-driven analytical models that deliver PD and credit scores that broadly align with S&P Global Ratings. You can access pre-scores for thousands of companies, and create scores with financial data you provide.

Assess credit risk under multiple climate scenarios with Climate Credit Analytics from S&P Global Market Intelligence and Oliver Wyman, which enables counterparty- and portfolio-level analysis of climate-related financial and credit risks for thousands of companies across multiple sectors.
Quickly generate a point-in-time credit risk view for public companies with our statistical model that captures market cap volatility to provide early warning signals of potential default between financial reporting periods.

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